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Global Industries Lyon 2019 Carnot

PolyNat will be present at Global Industrie trade show on the Carnot network pavilion, from March 5 to 8, 2019. 

Come and meet our teams on booth n°4P125 in the SMART Industrie space, at EUREXPO Lyon

Discover Enzymatic Glucose Biofuel cells at Global Industrie

Biopiles à glucose global industrie

These enzymatic glucose biofuel cells transform chemical energy from the glucose into electrical energy by oxidation-reduction reactions catalyzed by biomolecules (enzymes). These biocatalysts are non-toxic and biodegradable. Ces biocatalyseurs sont non-toxiques et biodégradables. The energy production only needs a few microliters of water to  be activated.

They can supply disposable or single-use test devices, such as pregnancy tests, ovulation tests (similar to those sold under the brand Clearblue®), or other disposable devices.

Jules Hammond, member of the project team, will be present to propose a live demo !

A pitch on biosourced, recyclable and biodegradable packaging

The CTP has developed innovative technological bricks for the development of biosourced, mono-material and compostable packaging meeting the challenges of the circular bioeconomy.

Our researchers will be present at the Carnot pavilion to pitch this project at Global Industrie.

With its PolyNat partners and some members of the paper and board industry, the CTP invented and developed breakthrough technologies to reinforce the properties of cellulosic packaging and give them new properties: barriers to water, grease, gas, communication and interactivity. The implementation and combination of chromatogenic processes (fatty acid grafting) and wet film lamination of Cellulose MicroFibrils (MFC) allows the production of cellulosic packaging that rival the properties of plastics while retaining their intrinsic properties ( recyclable and biodegradable).

Two international companies are involved in the implementation of these technologies.

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