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International Industries Forum
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International Industries Forum


Next February 1st & 2nd, PolyNat will organize its International Industries Forum :
Two days of conferences where several worldwide companies are presenting their innovations and R&D perspectives on bio-sourced materials.

This forum aims to build up and strenghten therelations between PolyNat researchers and current or (future) industrial partners on the subject of innovative materials used in various fields of application (packaging, microelectronic, health, cosmectics, etc).

IMAG Auditorium,
150 place du Torrent
38401 Saint Martin d’Hères

when ?

February 1st & 2nd, 2024


Bio-based materials

Proposing alternatives to petro-sourced products is a key issue for many companies.


Focus on the 2019 edition

Tuesday, May 14th

08:00 – Registration –

08:30 Opening Forum : Yassine Lakhnech (UGA), Frédéric Dufour (Grenoble INP), Alain Duprey (AiCarnot) and Taiwan Ambassador François Chih-Chung Wu

08:45 Redouane Borsali, PolyNat director : Presentation of PolyNat

09:00 Kenji Takahashi, Institute of Science & Engineering (Japan) « Cellulose production into ionic solvent »

09:30 Bill Jang, ITRI (Taiwan), « Biomass Derived Chemicals and Materials »

PolyNat Flash presentation, Rapid-Prototyping of complex molded cellulose objects (D. Beneventi, LGP2)

– Coffee Break –

Chair : Nadia El Kissi
10:30 Charles Sheen, Nan Pao resins Group (Taiwan), « Bio-based and Circular Materials for Textile Applications »

11:00 Chien-Hsin Wu, NTU (Taiwan), « Highly Efficient Process of Recycling Polycarbonate into Hydroxyl-DP-biscarbamate Intermediates via Aminolysis »

11:30 Tokuo Matsushima, Kusano Sakko Ltd. (Japan), « Bacterial Cellulose Nanofiber and its utilization »

12:00 Toshiyuki Ochi, Ina Food Industry (Japan), «Current conditions and future prospects of edible film made from polysaccharides in Japan»

PolyNat Flash presentation, FunCell & Bioglue projects : Biosourced Additives for Nonwoven, Paper and boards (L. Gaffiot, CERMAV)

– Lunch –

Chair : Julien Bras
14:00 Tiemo Arndt, PTS (Germany), « R&D projects and innovation needs on future challenges regarding paper and fibre-based products as (bio)materials »

14:30 Philippe Schottland, Sun Chemical Corporation (USA), «Challenges and Opportunities with Sustainable Packaging»

15:00 Lorenzo Pastrana, INL (Portugal), «Nanotechnology as a way for bio-based and biodegradable food packaging with enhanced properties»

15:30 Jérémie Boucher, Soprema (France) «PAVAROOF : Wood Fiber Insulation Board under Waterproofing in Flat Roof Application»

PolyNat Flash presentation, Ultrasonic welding of papers and nanocelluloses (J. Viguié, CTP)

– Coffee Break –

Chair : Rachel Auzély
16:30 Tomoki Nagai, JSR Co. (Japan), «Chemistry drives the scaling, DSA, MI and Quantum Computer»

17:00 Damien Jegourel, Merck Chimie Estapor (France), «Development of new submicronic spheres as Diagnostic tools»

17:30 Michel Dana, Silab (France), «IBPN technology®: a breakthrough innovation for natural second skin applications»

Wednesday, May 15th

08:00 – Registration –

Chair : Gilles Lenon

08:30 Jean Hamel, FPInnovations (Canada), «Build value chains toward a Biomaterials world»

09:00 Christoph Hahn, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH (Germany) « Sustainable paper-based
solutions as plastic substitutes for food packaging»

09:30 Junji Yamamoto, Nipon Paper Group (Japan) « Outline of Efforts on “Paperization” by Nippon
Paper Industries »

10:00 Raghavendra Hebbar, JK Paper Ltd. (India) « Use of Nano Material in Paper & Paper Board »

PolyNat Flash presentation, JetCell, Eco-friendly Paper-based Biofuel Cell (A. Gross, DCM)

– Coffee Break –

Chair : Michel Petit Conil

11:00 Charles Wessner, Georgetown University (USA), « Building the Foundation for
Bio Based Materials: Best Practice in University Industry Partnerships in the United States »

11:30 Cyril Jiguet, Weden (France), «Smarter wood for smarter use »

12:00 Electra Papadopoulou, Chimar (Greece), « Bio-materials in the wood-based panels industry today
and future needs in the framework of a circular economy »

PolyNat Flash presentation, Elaboration of foams to develop new cellular materials (E. Talansier, LRP)

13:00 Conclusion of the Forum

– Lunch –

About twenty international companies (from Japan, Taiwan, Germany, USA, Portugal, Canada, Greece and France) were presenting their innovations and R&D perspectives on the theme of biosourced materials and devices to the audience of Carnot member researchers. A record attendance was reached this year with more than 110 people attending over the two days.

Showroom of bio-sourced demonstrators and presentations

Biopile enzymatique à glucose PolyNat
Objet complexe cellulose moulée
additifs biosourcés Funcell PolyNat
Matériau isolant coquilles noix
procédés de soudages par ultrasons et nanocellloses
mousses biosourcées PolyNat

Photos credits : Rigando / Alexis Chézière

Some researchers were invited to pitch their innovative project on bio-sourced materials in 3 minutes in front of the industrial audience. The exercise was carried out successfully and enabled project leaders to make initial contact with participants. The industrialists were then invited to discover the showroom of demonstrators from these same projects:

  • JetCell’s enzymatic glucose biofuel cells,
  • FunCell’s bio-sourced resin for wood panels and bio-sourced additives for nonwovens, papers and cardboard,
  • Biosourced foams from the Microfoam, Cellufoam and SubioFoams projects,
  • NanoSono’s ultrasonic and nanocellulose welding processes,
  • Complex molded cellulose objects and 3D-Rapid Pro rapid prototyping,
  • Biosourced materials based on walnut shells and wood for furniture and building from Valonoix 



Please note that this event is for invited companies and research staff of PolyNat’s partners only.

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