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PolyNat research topics focus on
four scientific and technological challenges

chimie responsable compétence polynat


Extraction and functionalization of bio-based materials

CHALLENGE 1 : Bio-based building blocks extraction and characterization

The research lead by our experts rely on different bio-sourced building blocks extracted from plant biomass :

  • molecules (oligosaccharides, aromatics)
  • polymers (hemicellulose, lignin, cellulose)
  • nanocellulose (nanocrystals, microfibrils, nanofibrils)
  • cellulose fibers

CHALLENGE 2 : Building blocks and materials functionalization for targeted innovative properties :

  • Chemical and/or enzymatic modifications (covalent and non-covalent coupling, oxidation, polymerization) and/or physical treatments (ultrasound, micro-wave, grinding, corona or plasma) of the bio-based building blocks
  • Design of biosourced devices with innovative properties : hydrophobic, anti-microbial, bionano-electronic, etc….
Matériaux biosourcés polynat


Self-assembly, development and design of new materials

CHALLENGE 3 : Controlled self-assembly and nano-organization

  • Directed self-assembly of biosourced building blocks
  • Innovative processes to obtain nano-structured materials : nanoprecipitation, «spin or dip-coating»;
  • Development of smart surfaces, three-dimentional materials, functionalized and multi-compartmentalized glyco-nanoparticles

CHALLENGE 4 : Production and development processes of biosourced materials

  • Adapting or developing techniques that foster industrial transfer
  • Understanding interactions at interfaces, and systems miniaturisation
  • Considering the end of life of the products : the materials should be easily recyclable in order to participate to the transition towards a circular bioeconomy.


Towards outstanding products

GLOBAL CHALLENGE : Tailor-made at the industrial scale

The research conducted focuses on the development of common approaches combining experimental characterization, modelling and numerical simulation.

Throughout the design process, our teams can help you demonstrate at pilot scale the potential of production of the materials obtained.

Regulatory requirements (REACH – the prohibition of the use of hexavalent chromium in the finishing processes of connector housings,  FDA – Food and Drug Administration etc) are taken into account at each development stage. The products obtained are characterized by their environmental impact (assessed by ACE – Agency for energetic consumption for instance).

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