biomasse végétale

Use what nature

designed better

International Industries Forum

To eco-design

the materials of tomorrow

International Industries Forum
Carnot PolyNat Grenoble

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International Industries Forum


Supporting companies in their innovation process

As a Carnot Institute, our main objective is to prepare the industrial and economic future by supporting all companies in their innovation and transformation strategies, from the R&D project to the industrial reality.

Public-private innovation partnership

In order to innovate for and with all sizes of companies, various types of collaboration can be considered: from consulting to joint laboratories. These partnerships for public-private innovation also provide rapid access to the advanced technologies used by our research centers to develop innovative, high value-added bio-based materials.

Building together a sustainable bioeconomy




PolyNat’s ambitions are part of the European desire to build a sustainable bioeconomy, which aims to strengthen the links between the economy, society and the environment.

Our challenge is to innovate in order to improve the way we produce and consume by creating new and more eco-efficient value chains, and making any waste a valuable material.

Our researchers draw on physicochemistry, materials science, life science and biotechnology advances to design bio-based and functional materials and devices.

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