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Enzymatic Glucose Biofuel cells in series to power disposable devices

Disposable electronic sensors like pregnancy or ovulation tests are being increasingly developed. However, most of them use toxic alkaline or lithium batteries for the power supply which, despite manufacturers’ indications, are rarely recycled.

To face these problems, our team has developed nontoxic enzymatic glucose biofuel cells capable of producing sufficient energy to run these disposable devices.

These biofuel cells transform chemical energy from the glucose into electrical energy by oxidation-reduction reactions catalyzed by biomolecules (enzymes).

Unlike conventional fuel cells which use noble metal catalysts, these biocatalysts have the advantage, in addition to their non-toxicity and their biodegradability, of providing energy conversion in complex environments and under mild conditions (room temperature and neutral pH).

The concept is based on the assembly of different sheet shaped components (catalytic electrodes, electron collectors, membranes) to form very thin, flexible, and adjustable biogenerators in terms of size, geometry and energy production (in parallel and in series connection of several biofuel cells).

Furthermore, the particular design only needs a few microliters of water to activate the energy production.

These glucose biofuel cells are considered as miniaturized biogenerators without environmental impact (unlike button batteries) to supply disposable or single-use test devices, such as pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, or other disposable devices.


Thanks to the good results obtained from this project funded by PolyNat, the project is now supported by a Technology Transfer Accelerator Office,
with a view to creating a start-up!
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Manager of the project

Michael Holzinger
Researcher, DCM, BEA team

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