BeFC winner of the Leyton sustainable start-up challenge

BeFC startup - piles à biocarburant écologiques à base de papier

All members of the jury have voted unanimously on BeFC. They were identified as a global game changer!” Leyton USA

BeFC, a start-up based on the PolyNat BigPad project, has just won the Leyton sustainable start-up challenge with its eco-friendly paper-based biofuel cells.

BeFC : eco-friendly paper-based biofuel cells

These biofuel cells are made of non-toxic and biodegradable components, and the fuel is even edible. These electrical power generators can be powered by fluids used in everyday life, such as tap water or biological fluids.

These biofuel cells offer a sustainable and ecological solution for energy production, minimizing the impact on the environment.

The current state of technology allows a customized assembly according to the energy requirement, size, and final use planned for the object.

Leyton sustainable start-up challenge

This challenge, organized by an international innovation consulting and financing company, allows the winning start-ups to participate in the CES: the world’s largest technology exhibition.

An opportunity for BeFC to build new partnerships, meet many investors, and benefit from a spotlight on the international scene.