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Industrial-scale equipment for smart paper / printing of the future, and biomaterials, bioenergies, bioprocesses

Created by the partnership composed of Grenoble INP, The Pulp and Paper Research & Technical Centre and Grenoble INP–Pagora, the technological platform « TekLiCell » aims to keep in close step with industrial issues. It will lay particular emphasis on relationships with companies via quality environment, confidentiality and rigourus project management.

The platform is mainly focused on two themes:

  • Intelligent paper and Future Printing
  • Biomaterials, bioenergy and bioprocesses

Equipments :

  • Surface Treatment Pilots through water means: laboratory size press, vacuum curtain, coating colour deaerator, cooling roll
  • Thermomechanical surface treatment: water box, vapour box , infra red radiant
  • Dry treatment pilot: chromatogeny pilot, on-line plasma
  • Industrial printing pilots: rotogravure group, serigraphy pilot, flexiproof pilot, digital press
  • Paper characterisation apparatus, coating items, fibres: bubble maximal pressure, permeability to favour cell
  • Devices for understanding phenomena: high speed ink-jet pilot, microdrop
  • Paper and ink characterisation devices: rheometer, exclusion chromatography, fluorescence optical microscopy
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