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Equipements and technical instruments for the study of fluid materials
and their industrial processes

Rheonova is a consulting agency specialised in the study of fluid materials in the context of industrial processes.

Rheonova objective is to make available to Industry the extensive know-how of the Rheology laboratory , that has been built up over 20 years. 

Since 2011, they offer a large range of value-added services such as measurement, on-site audit, or training sessions.

Main equipment:

  • Rotational, capillary, compression and portables rheometers and viscometers
  • Extruders and presses
  • Microscopes, DSC,… 
  • Wide range of common physico-chemical measurement equipments
  • Thermal analysis devices
  • Product formulation laboratory
The fields of application are highly varied : Chemistry, agrifood, cosmetic, construction, health …
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