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Develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s packaging

MALICS project, initiated by the CTP, was selected in the 2016 IRICE (Research and innovation equipments for companies) call for projects. It’s also supported by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes French region.

MALICS allows the development innovative ligno-cellulosic packaging. These “greener” and functional packaging meet the current clients’ needs and provide a strong added-value to the manufacturers.

Thanks to this platform,  we can realize all the stages of transformation of the raw material towards the final product.

  • The Tailor-made preparation of the ligno-cellulosic material, using its potentiality for green chemistry
  • The organic matter patterning, by the breakdown of biomass and controlled molecular assembly, to minimize the use of resources, and maximize material performances.   
  • The materials shapping thanks to new paper-dedicated technologies.
  • 3D Materials functionalization for targeted innovative properties, such as barrier properties.
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