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Chemistry-Nanobio platform

Leading edge technological resources

 The Chemistry-Nanobio platform of the Molecular Chemistry Insitute is available for both public or private organisms researchers.

The chemistry platform comprises nine technical levels:

  • Synthesis of biomolecules (PSB): synthesis of molecules and biomolecules (their engineering).
  • Characterization of interactions (PCI): understanding the interactions involved in bioanalytical systems developed,characterization of molecules and functionalized surfaces and synthesized devices.
  • Functionalization and Transduction (PFT): designing and construction of nanometric systems of molecular recognition.
  • Supercomputing (PCECIC): chemistry and computer modeling.
  • Mass spectrometry (PSM): physico-chemical analysis providing information on the identity and concentration of chemical species analyzed in pure form or mixed.
  • NMR (PRMN): studies of physical, chemical and biological properties of matter.
  • Electron Microscopy (PMIEL): multi-scale structural characterization, optical microscopy, transmission electron microscopy for the study (structure, topology, surface organization) polysaccharides, glycoproteins and polymer objects from all sources (natural polymers or synthetic).
  • Crystallography (PRX): structural determination of compounds synthesized in the laboratory by single crystal X-ray diffraction.
  • Chemical library  : a wide collection of chemicals stored with a high diversity molecules  ( intermediates in organic synthesis, biomolecules, structural analogs, heterocyclic compounds)
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