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Development of a quick and easy-to-use diagnostic colorimetric test

Antibodies as elements of recognition are often used in traditional diagnostic tests, such as the pregnancy test. The colorimetric test that our teams are willing to develop use paper functionalized by an aptamer or a Functional Oligonucleotide (OF) able to recognize a target of interest that may be a small molecule, an ion, a protein, etc.

Unlike antibodies, aptamers can be produced chemically at low cost, without risk of contamination and can be modified in a controlled way according to the needs of the application.

After several experiments, a proof of concept of a new dosage in solution using the formation of aggregates of a DNA intercalator in the presence of salts has been validated, with mercury as the first application.

Our teams plan to extend this dosing principle to other recognition models dedicated to small molecules or proteins. A patent should soon be filed.

Project partners


Santé pharmacie, technologies pour la santé Carnot PolyNat
Target markets

health, environment, agribusiness

Manager of project

Corinne Ravelet
Lecturer, DPM

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