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Bio-based nanostructured films for large-area flexible electronics applications

Many printed electronics applications, such as display, lighting or solar cells, require a transparent substrate.
In order to promote the use of bio-sourced materials to replace petroleum-based plastic in these high-tech applications, our objective is to develop transparent and electrically conductive cellulosic substrates and then to demonstrate some optoelectronic devices.

First, we made perfectly smooth and transparent sheets by depositing coatings of polymers with suitable optical index on sheets of cellulose nanofibres.
At the same time, we have developed 2 distinct opto-electronic devices to highlight the advantages of natural plant-based materials. The first demonstrator is an electroluminescent display printed on different types of papers, opaque or transparent. The second demonstrator is a Perovskite solar cell, whose efficiency is optimized through the use of sugar-based copolymer blocks, which allow the active layer to selforganize at the nano-scale level.


Project partners


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Target markets

Large-area flexible electronics applications: interactive wallpapers, photovoltaic panels, smart packaging ...

Project manager

Redouane Borsali
Research Director at CERMAV

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