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Equipements and devices for the production of functionalised lignocellulosic fibres and particles and the shaping of wood panels

InTechFibres is the partnership combining the complementary skills of CTP and FCBA with two main objectives:

  • To propose expertise in lignocellulosic materials for improving and/or modifying the industrial processes (pulps, panelboards, wood-based insulating materials,…)
  • To innovate in fibers production/utilization and in biorefinery development for applications in the paper industry but also in cosmetics and pharmacy.

InTechFibres is composed of laboratory facilities and pilots to simulate chemical pulping and bleaching processes at different scales, fostering industrial transfer towards industries :

  • Extraction pilot
  • Refiner Mechanical Pulping and Fibreboard Pilots
  • Fibre Modification Pilot
  • Screening System
  • Low Consistency Refining Pilots
  • Heated Hydraulic Press for panelboards
  • Lignin Production Platform
  • NaMiCell Pilot (MFC)

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